Product FAQ’s: Diet Products

Product FAQ’s: Diet Products2018-05-24T12:14:05+00:00

Select a topic from the FAQ menu to find the answer to some common questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us. If you are taking any medication, check here which programme is suitable for you.

Download the medication list here (PDF).

Product FAQ’s: Diet Products

Does the Cambridge Weight Plan contain enough protein when taken as a sole source of nutrition?2018-03-18T00:44:46+00:00

The research undertaken to develop the Cambridge Weight Plan showed that protein and carbohydrate provided by the diet were sufficient to maintain lean body tissue.

Is Cambridge suitable for vegetarians?2018-03-18T00:45:50+00:00

The items in the range which are not suitable for vegetarians: Chicken and Mushroom Soup which uses chicken in the flavouring. Strawberry Silk, which uses cochineal for colouring Mix a Mousse, containing gelatine. Strict vegetarians will be reassured to know that non-animal rennet is used in Preparation of the whey protein in the Cambridge Weight Plan meal bars. Vegans, who do not use or consume any animal products including dairy products could use Cambridge Fibre, Golden Vegetable drink flavouring, and the water flavourings would also be suitable. All other products would be unsuitable. Please visit our Allergies/Intolerances/Choices section.

Why should you not use three Cambridge Bars a day while on ‘Sole Source’?2018-03-18T00:46:34+00:00

There is more carbohydrate in the bars than in the drinks and soups. Three bars in a day can contain enough carbohydrate to break the mild ketosis which you get on “Sole Source”. Without this ketosis, you could become hungry and uncomfortable and so less likely to remain on the ?Sole Source? programme. For some people, even one bar a day can prevent ketosis.We recommend that only drinks are used during the first two weeks on the ?Sole Source? programme. A simple urine test for ketones can help with a customer who is experiencing poor weight loss on two drinks and a bar ? sometimes the extra carbohydrate causes fluid retention. A warning: the complex carbohydrate in the bars can cause flatulence in some people. One a day does not usually cause a problem, more could be socially embarrassing!