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For many years I have had serious problems with my spine. Seeing my suffering, my physiotherapist advised me to try losing weight with Cambridge Weight Plan and gave me Consultant Lisa Karatzia’s contact details. Τhe seeds of thought had now been planted in my mind.

However, when my neurologist and my orthopedic surgeon told me emphatically that I had to lose weight it was then that I realized that things were more serious than I had thought. I had a serious issue with the O1 and O5 vertebrae that were broken, and I needed 5 bone fragment transplants as well as vertebrae fusions to be able to move around with relative ease and without the daily use of strong painkillers and injections for the terrible pains I had day in and day out.

After having lost 35 kilos, I feel like I’m literally flying, my health problems are in the past and almost all of my mobility problems have completely disappeared! I feel so much younger because I am more agile and I have more resilience to live a life free of pain and medication.
I have now saved myself from having a complicated surgery. My doctors were amazed to see what has happened to me and how much my health has improved after losing weight in such a short period of time!

I have achieved all of this thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan and my Consultant Lisa Karatzia!

Weight Loss 35kg
Consultant Lisa Karatzia
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