Medical FAQ’s: Side Effects

Medical FAQ’s: Side Effects2018-05-24T12:14:54+00:00

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Product FAQ’s: Side Effects

Why do I get a headache on Sole Source?2018-03-18T17:47:13+00:00

Occasionally, during the initial three days a person may experience carbohydrate withdrawal and may develop a headache. This is a temporary effect and should be tolerated. A simple tablet for headaches, for example paracetamol, taken for a day or two will improve the problem. Insufficient fluid intake could also cause a mild dehydration, and ensuing headache. Ensure that the recommended amount of water is drunk.

Just after starting Cambridge, I suffered from diarrhoea. Why is this?2018-03-18T17:54:10+00:00

This is a minor problem and is considered a possible transient effect that will last for only a short time. Some people have systems that are not used to the mineral content in the Cambridge Weight Plan is a good idea to drink an extra glass of water with the Cambridge Weight Plan meals, which will dilute the effect of the minerals in the body. The solution is to take the Cambridge Weight Plan in the form of mini meals (six half portions per day) initially to slow the mineral intake. Another possible cause of continued diarrhoea is lactose intolerance. Some people cannot digest the lactose in milk products, and diarrhoea can occur. If this is the case, we have a range of lactose free products that could be used instead.

Is it normal to experience euphoria on Sole Source?2018-03-18T17:55:12+00:00

This is very normal and should not cause any concern. In fact, why not just enjoy it!

Why am I having trouble getting the normal amount of sleep?2018-03-18T17:56:10+00:00

It is not uncommon for a person to require less sleep when they lose weight.  There are many cases where people thought that they required 9 or 10 hours of sleep per night, only to find that when they lost weight their sleep requirement dropped considerably. Having an extra hour or two awake each day may be a pleasant side effect of the Cambridge Weight Plan.

I feel thirsty sometimes. Is this normal?2018-03-18T17:57:30+00:00

It is normal to experience thirst on occasion when dieting. The solution is simple. Drink more liquids. We recommend that users of the Sole Source programme drink 2.25 litres [about 4 pints] of water each day. That is 9 to 13 glasses or tumblers full depending on whether the glass volume is 175ml or 250ml. This 2.25 litres is the sum of 1.2 litres (being the Food Standards Agency recommendation for fluid intake) plus the water content of food items not being consumed (usually about 1 litre, but could be up to 2 litres). There is probably very little benefit to be gained from consuming more than double our recommendation [double our recommendation would be 4.5 litres].

I notice a tendency towards bad breath. Why is this?2018-03-18T17:58:16+00:00

A mild ketosis may develop when on the Cambridge Weight Plan as your sole source of nutrition and this may affect your breath slightly. Simply brush your teeth more often, and use mouth wash, sugar-free chewing gum or breath fresheners.

Is it normal to get constipated after starting Cambridge?2018-03-18T17:59:21+00:00

The Cambridge Weight Plan contains sufficient roughage for most people. When one goes on any diet including the Cambridge Weight Plan, much less bulk is being consumed, and therefore there is much less bulk to be eliminated. As a result, bowel movements are much less frequent. This is normal, and should not cause immediate concern. However if constipation persists for more that three days, or if physical discomfort is being suffered, an over the counter laxative should be obtained from the chemist, and taken according to instructions. Psyllium containing laxatives have been found to be particularly effective.

Whenever I start Cambridge I feel nauseated. Is this normal?2018-03-18T18:00:29+00:00

Some people have more sensitive stomachs than others and such individuals may sometimes develop nausea when they first consume Cambridge Weight Plan products. Often a full glass of water following your Cambridge meal will eliminate this problem. Another solution is to break the Cambridge Weight Plan down into six mini meals per day, and follow each meal with a glass of water to dilute the effect of the minerals.

Why did I feel dizzy a few days after starting Sole Source?2018-03-18T18:01:16+00:00

Dizziness is a possible transient effect of any diet and should only last for a day or so. It is often caused by the diuretic effect that accompanies any low calorie diet. During the first few days of the diet, the body will excrete a considerable amount of water, which then requires readjustment of the fluid content of different parts of the body. It is important to drink the recommended amount of liquid and avoid quick changes in position and extreme exertion during the first few days of the Diet.

Why do I feel cold on the Cambridge Weight Plan Sole Source programme?2018-03-18T18:02:16+00:00

This is almost certainly due to a reduced thermogenic response to a reduced food intake. Large meals cause the body to generate a lot of body heat, while smaller meals produce less heat. Individuals differ widely in their thermogenic response. Your hands and feet may feel particularly cold ? this is a normal response of the body to try to save heat and energy. For those that are affected, the cold feeling is due to the very small number of calories on the ?Sole Source? programme. Other factors that influence body heat production include the slight reduction in metabolic rate which always happens during weight loss, and of course the loss of insulating fat! Those who are sensitive to the cold need to move around more and wrap up warmly ? many light layers are more effective than a single heavy layer.

What happens to skinfolds after extensive weight loss?2018-03-19T15:39:40+00:00

After a large weight loss skin may sag. It may recover, but this will depend on the dieter’s age, general health and skin elasticity. Ageing changes the nature of collagen ? the main support structure in the skin – making it less supple with time. Younger, rather than older skin will therefore firm up more quickly following weight loss After weight loss there may sometimes be a need for plastic surgery to remove redundant skin flaps.

I have been on the Cambridge Weight Plan for two weeks and am getting cramp in my legs. Is the diet causing this?2018-03-19T16:24:28+00:00

Cramp which occurs in some people while dieting, is almost certainly caused by changes in electrolyte (salts) levels in blood and muscle. It may be relieved by ensuring that you drink the right amount of water or by raising your dietary energy intake level for a day or two (go up a step). The diet contains the correct amount of salt (sodium chloride) but some people may need a little more, so take ?a pinch of salt? (or two) each day (one pinch is approximately 250mg). If the cramp persists or if you?ve had cramps before see your doctor.