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I decided to give Cambridge Weight Plan a go because my weight was making me feel very low and I had no confidence. I was already at a disadvantage being so short (1.49m) and when I gained even more weight I began to feel very depressed. I had started university and I found it very difficult to adjust, so the stress led me to binge on food and sweets. I had completely lost my way… I avoided my friends because
I thought they were being judgemental, and I found it difficult to make new friends at university because I thought they would make fun of me and mock me. I would wear over-sized clothes to hide my huge frame.

Then I met Agathe Georgiou and Cambridge Weight Plan and with Agathe’s help I managed to get rid of 33 kilos! The road to success was not easy, but the result was worth the effort and the sacrifices that I made; I am another person now, both externally and internally.

I feel refreshed, happy and full of energy for life, and I have regained my lost self-confidence. I have started to love my new body. I’m training at the gym! I started walking when I first started to follow Cambridge Weight Plan and it was so difficult to walk 1 kilometre. Today I walk 7 kilometres a day and it’s no problem whatsoever!

At last, I can wear suitable clothes in a smaller size and enjoy flirting and I am no longer afraid to make new friends, thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan and Agathe.

I now love life. I love Marina at last!

Weight Loss 33kg
Consultant Agathe Georgiou
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