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At the age of 44, I weighed 130 kilos, caused mostly by two bad moments in my personal life – getting divorced and various health problems. After many visits to various doctors (both in Cyprus and abroad) to solve the problems I had, all of them concluded that either I had to lose weight or I would have to have a spine operation which had a very high risk of leaving me paralyzed. I still remember the words of my doctor: “My dear, lose weight and everything will be fine”.

At the same time, my husband left me, and his last words before leaving were “You are nothing like a woman should be”. It was the wakeup call that I needed. THAT WAS IT!!

That’s when I decided to follow Cambridge Weight Plan. I researched different diets and heard about Cambridge, so I decided to follow the programme with my Consultant, Andri Vrahimi. My health was in my hands.

Today at the age of 52 I weigh 69 kilos and I am living a normal healthy life. After losing 60 kilos (another human being!) on the Cambridge Weight Plan my life has been re-ignited. I wear what I want and I have regained my self-esteem. I can now live, dream and even fall in love. I can go to the beach, I can exercise – I even bought a gym! I am STRONG! It’s like I am starting my life from the beginning!

After losing weight I visited my doctor. He couldn’t believe his eyes – he was so emotional he got up and hugged me and told me that I was in perfect health now. My ex-husband has also tried to get back together but it’s too late! I hope that I can help people that are trying to change by losingweight just like I did.

Cambridge was my salvation!

Weight Loss 61kg
Consultant Andri Vrahimi
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