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From a very young age I remember being overweight. Even when my friends and family moaned at me, and even when whatever they were saying was for my own good, it made me very stubborn and I would never try to do anything about it. When everyone eventually gave up and stopped harassing me, something changed inside me. I decided that I wanted to lose weight and become a better version of myself.

After a lot of thought, I decided to follow a diet plan of my choice without anyone knowing and I decided that Cambridge Weight Plan would be the best diet to try with the support of my Consultant Evi Assiotou. After some time, my mood began to change and my friends kept on asking me what I was doing since my weight loss had begun to show. My friends who knew about my weight loss journey, supported me and still support me today. I would set goals every day and I managed to reach those goals, overcoming every difficulty that came my way!

I lost 54 kilos and couldn’t be happier!!

They would be lying if someone said that their life did not change for the better! Personally, I feel like a different person in all aspects of my life which has changed to a big degree. I wake up in the morning in the mood for new challenges and a craving for my new life. I go shopping without feeling uncomfortable about my appearance – something that was my worst nightmare before. With the Cambridge Weight Plan I rediscovered myself. I gained a normal way of life without being ashamed all the time about the way I look! Some decisions are never too late to be made and I hope that my decision to change can inspire more people to do so!

Weight Loss 54kg
Consultant Evi Assiotou
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