Lyda Prodromou’s Story

Lyda Prodromou’s Story2018-05-31T08:34:12+00:00

I was first introduced to Cambridge in 2007, just a few months before my wedding when I lost weight to wear my dream wedding dress! Unfortunately, during my first pregnancy I had some issues that required me to take hormones and as a result I gained weight. Then, during my second pregnancy I gained even more. I decided to follow Cambridge for a second time because not only did it help me with weight loss but also helped me with a problem I had with with my iron and haemoglobin levels, which had improved without medication. My attempts to lose weight after my pregnancies were countless. I would lose some weight but gained it back quickly. I would feel very disappointed and depressed.

The final blow, however, came with the sudden death of my father, a man who always wanted his daughter beautiful, slim and healthy. After his death I was crushed and I could not control myself. A year later, I decided to visit my Consultant Eleonora for the second time, and once again, she stood by me and together we did it. I am so lucky because I had another important person by my side, this time, my mother. With her support we started the diet together and with the added benefit that she not only lost weight herself but also improved her thyroid problem.

Now we feel and we are both healthier and we have more energy to run around from morning to night for our families – as well as improving our self confidence! Thanks again Cambridge Weight Plan for helping me achieve my goal.

Lost 30kg
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