Loizos Hadjicharalambous Story

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I’m 37 years old, married and have two beautiful children. I’m the owner of a brewery located in the Ayia Napa region. I work long, stressful hours, which was one of the main reasons I gained so much weight over the years – something that had begun to affect my life in many negative ways.

I had a lot of back and knee problems and my weight was causing problems at work, as it is a very physically demanding job. I found it impossible to exercise, as the weight added even more strain to my joints. This made me really unhappy, as exercise had always been a big part of my life. Just moving in general, had become a difficult task. One day, I decided ‘enough was enough’, my knees and my back were causing me so much pain that I just wanted to live a normal life again, without pain.

Both my wife and I decided to try Cambridge to lose weight, after seeing two close friends of ours succeed. The turning point for me was my friend Marcus. Marcus was always heavier than me and last year he actually started calling me fattie! When I found out I weighed 125 kg, I’d had enough. I couldn’t move, sleep or work efficiently. I started dieting but lost a mere 5 kg in three months, which was very demotivating.

With Cambridge we both lost weight with ease under the guidance of our Consultant Maria Simpson. I feel a lot better and have started exercising again which was something I really missed. I am so much happier that I can now take part in more activities and can actually get into clothes that I wore in my twenties!

Lost 48kg
Consultant Maria Simpson
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