Andreas Rossides’ Story

Andreas Rossides’ Story2018-05-28T12:22:45+00:00

I’m 27 years old and a 3D artist. Unfortunately, I spend most of the day in an office without having the time to take up any sport. I was an athlete for several years, I never used to take care of my diet or had to follow a specific diet programme. After a serious injury and studying abroad, I had to stop sports and at the same time, without realizing it, I started eating uncontrollably. Suddenly I found myself weighing 25 kilos above the norm for my height and faced problems with my everyday life in terms of mobility and my self-esteem. Since losing 25 kilos, my life has changed drastically for the better. My weekly visits to my Consultant Mima Douglas have helped me a great deal due to her encouragement and I have overcome my issues with my self-esteem and self confidence that I once had. My spirits in general are on a different level now. I have found my old self!

Lost 25kg
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