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Pamela Kyrou


Consultant Koulla Pavlou
Weight Loss 25 Kg

‘When I met my fiance I was double the size I am today. Now, he is marrying half the person he first met!’

The reason I decided to lose weight with Cambridge was because I was going to be married in a few months’ time and I didn’t want to be overweight and have people make fun of me. That is why I applied to Sigma to take part in the makeover competition to lose weight with Cambridge Weight Plan.

In 6 months I have lost 25 kg and I feel fantastic. I did not once ever feel deprived whilst on the program. For this amazing achievement, I have to thank my Consultant Koulla Pavlou and Cambridge, who helped me with my weight loss. Koulla was by my side during the difficult times and the easier ones. Being on Cambridge also made an important difference to my health.

I now feel wonderful getting married and will now feel confident as a slim bride. It is like a dream come true. I have known my fiancé since we were at school together and I was always overweight. The best part now is that when he met me I was double the size I am now. So he is now marrying half the person that he first met!