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Eleni Georgiou


Consultant Marina Voskou
Weight Loss 43 Kg

‘The diet was so easy and practical to follow. No shopping for ingredients or cooking special meals for myself, three times a day’

The reason I decided to lose weight with Cambridge was because of its excellent reputation and also because I thought it would be a very practical diet to follow, as it suited my lifestyle.  The meals were so easy to prepare and I did not have to go shopping for ingredients or cook special meals for myself 3 times a day, as with other diets. So I decided to apply for the Sigma makeover which was sponsored by Cambridge.

The role of my Consultant Marina Voskou, was very important. I was able to call her whenever I had a query. Every week she would weigh and measure me and offer me guidance. I lost 43 kg in 5 short months, which I could not believe. I feel fantastic and even those around me are so happy for me. I can now go shopping to the Mall with my teenage daughter without getting tired, whereas previously I would have to stop after 5 minutes to rest.


Now everything has changed. My health has improved dramatically. My medication has been drastically reduced, and I will soon no longer need to take any at all. The only medication that I will continue to take is thyroxine because I had my thyroid gland removed. I also have so much more energy because the tablets used to make me feel very down and lacking in energy.

Thanks to Cambridge, I have been brought back to life.