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Constantina Akouani


Consultant Anna Spanou
Weight Loss 44 Kg

‘Mummy you are so pretty now’ says Constantina’s son after losing 44 kg with Cambridge Weight Plan

I decided to lose weight with Cambridge because I had heard from so many different people that the results were fantastic. So I decided to apply for the Sigma makeover which was sponsored by Cambridge. I also knew that the products offered all the vitamins and minerals required by the body for good health, so I wanted to try it not only to lose weight but to improve my health.

My Consultant Anna Spanou, played a very important part in my weight loss, by supporting me psychologically, as I was really depressed when I first visited her.  She taught me a lot about nutrition and was on hand to support me whenever I needed her.  I am really grateful to her for her advice and encouragement during these months.

My life has changed so much now, especially as a mother. Previously, I was not capable of playing with my son because of my weight. Now I am able to do so many activities with him, like going to the park and having fun with him.

As for me, I now have so much more confidence and feel good about myself. Even my son complements me and constantly says to me  ‘Mummy you are so pretty now’ . Even though he is only 5 years old, he can see the transformation in me.

My life is so much better after losing 44 kg, thanks to Cambridge.