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Exercise & Fitness

Exercise, Diet and You

The Cambridge Weight Plan is not only committed to helping you achieve your ideal weight, but to assist you maintain your new shape by leading a fitter, healthier lifestyle in the long-run. This section aims to educate you on fitness and exercise and it couldn’t be easier with our Fitness with Cambridge programme.

It’s a balancing act

Achieving the right balance of eating healthy and staying active, not to mention keeping it up can be a challenge!

Start with mini adjustments such as longer walks for the dogs, walking the kids to school instead of driving and the old classic of using the stairs instead of the escalators!

Exercise and diet = the ideal combination.

What are the health risks of being inactive?

The most common long term health risks include Coronary Heart Disease, strokes, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, osteoporosis and weight gain. Short term problems include tiredness, breathlessness, reduced energy levels, fatigue and sleep apnoea (a sleep disorder found in obese or over weight people).

It is important to remember that not everyone will suffer from health complications as a result of being inactive, but you’re habits, good or bad could affect your family. Remember an increasing number of teenagers are now suffering with Type 2 Diabetes and 27% of children are deemed as being overweight.

Quick Facts

Exercise helps preserve lean body mass and helps decrease body fat.

Increasing activity levels substantially reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Disease, risk of stroke and high blood pressure.

The government recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 days per week.

Fitness with Cambridge

Before embarking on a new exercise programme you need to consider your current health, weight, age and the lifestyle you lead. If you haven’t been physically active for a while, then start off slowly and work your way up using Cambridge’s Step by Step Programme.

It will be helpful to consult your Cambridge Consultant before you start exercising. If you have a BMI of 30+, diabetic or disabled then you may want to speak to your GP about your best methods of exercise available to you.

Fitness with Cambridge Programme

Penny Porter MSc, BSC (Hons), MCSP, SRP, FISTC, REP, is a leading figure in sports science and bio-mechanics, she is one of the country’s top exercise consultants. With her knowledge and expertise we have created Fitness with Cambridge, producing a fitness pack for Cambridge customers!

This unique pack is the start to a healthier you. The DVD provided is easy to follow and presents easy to do stretches, from sitting in the chair to fully aerobic movements and even pool exercises.

So, when you have a spare 10 minutes use this as a guide and progress. For more information and purchase enquiries, please contact your local Consultant.

Step by step guide

More information can be found in Fitness with Cambridge handbook.