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Listen to the stories of the 4 girls who were featured in Sigma’s weight loss makeover on ‘Zise To’ with Vassiliki in May!

Is Cambridge Weight Plan for me?


How Cambridge Weight Plan works

Our easy-to-use Cambridge Weight Plan wheel is a step-by-step guide to your weight loss experience

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What’s the Plan?

With a number of programmes for you to choose from along with one-to-one support to help you lose weight

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Find a Consultant in Cyprus

We have over 50 trained and accredited Consultants in Cyprus. Find one near you.

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Our Consultants have a passion for helping you succeed in achieving your weight loss goal. They have been there too, so will be by your side, giving you lots of TLC, and helping you rid those bad habits for ever.

You will receive encouragement, motivation and support like no other brand. So why not call now for your free consultation?


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